Growing up, I have always dreamed of being a Hair Stylist and Make-Up Artist. Starting from my Great Grandmother’s beauty shop and working my way to where I am today, I never thought a hobby would turn into such a rewarding passion. Receiving my Cosmetology License from the Paris High School Cosmetology Course made me realize even more that I was investing myself in the right career.

Being in the Stylist industry, I take a great deal of pride in perfecting and advancing my skills with continuing education classes and certifications to ensure my clients that their desired style can be achieved. Each individual is different, one’s greatest attributes are not another’s, and everyone’s hair and make-up style should portray their uniqueness.

While being in this industry for nine years now, none of the classes mean anything until I see my clients’ reactions when they look in the mirror at the end result. To be able to experience such an emotion cannot be reflected in words. Not only have I whole-heartedly devoted myself to this industry, but also with the style, experience, and relationship of each client that sits in my chair.

I hope this piece has shown you how passionate I am about my profession and how this desire would transform into your unique style.

– Danielle Elston